Since the beginning of modern age Agriculture was considered to be one of the largest sectors in the global economy, but now it is facing challenges. Factors like changing Climate, growing population, and food insecurity are not just bad for business, they have a global impact. But now to compete in today’s increasingly competitive and volatile market, the farming industry needs to shake up the way it operates, and disruptive technologies hold the key.

Over the course of time, farming has undergone changes to adapt to the growing global population. But with as predicted 9.8 billion people would be living on earth by 2050, and so the current methods would struggle to produce enough yield to meet the growing demands. Can the answer to this lies in using IT in agriculture? The industries are evolving in order to combat the coming challenges, exploring how technologies such as IoT and automation can help farmers and ensure viable business.

A decade ago, Agriculture and Information technology, both were considered incongruous to each other, but now the scenario has changed. Today, information technology is being widely incorporated with agriculture. efficiency and information in every area of agriculture is the key factor in increasing the quality of farming and farming products and Information technology always had the potential in doing so. The world Trade Organization has recently made a laudable effort in promoting the information technology as an important part of farming sector around the world.

Information Technology (IT) has an important role to play in all aspects of Indian agriculture. In addition to facilitating and improving the efficiency of farmer’s productivity in agriculture and allied activities, bringing the potential of IT for the qualitative improvement in the life of farmers by providing timely and data inputs for decision making is certain to happen.

The people who work for the welfare of Indian farmers such as extension workers, they don’t have access to the latest agricultural practices which makes it difficult for them to serve effectively to the farming community. This manuscript focuses on the opportunity for people living in the electric powering India, as well as those peoples who work for their welfare. Latest developments and changing patterns of IT in rural sections of India facilitate the effective application of IT for information requirements. Here the post-World Trade Organization necessarily systems the environment with possible bottlenecks to be arisen in rural India along with examining the e-powering solutions for them.

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