Sell On Marketplaces

Marketplaces are an increasingly popular shopping destination for consumers, offering significant consumer reach and revenue growth opportunities. Successful forays into marketplaces demand extensive local knowledge and appropriate tie-ups for your preferred markets and merchandise portfolio.
Our platform helps you with rapid entry into the best marketplaces in markets throughout Asia, Middle-East, Europe and the Americas. Tie-ups with a wide network of marketplaces and in-depth understanding of their listing specifications help us get you the best visibility and revenue for your brands.


Centralized Inventory

Servicing multiple marketplaces need not imply multiple inventory warehouses.

We synchronize your inventory to enable a single view of real-time inventory. Our system provides customized inventory controls specific to marketplaces, thus ensuring:

  • Avoidance of over-selling and dissatisfied customers
  • Avoidance of unsold inventory
  • Increased sales

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Order Management

Accurate and timely capture and execution of orders is essential for satisfying marketplaces and their customers.

Our Order Management System (OMS) gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of orders from multiple marketplaces. This helps in the following ways:

  • Single dashboard to pack, print labels and manifest orders for all marketplaces
  • Alerts and notifications to ensure you don’t miss any orders
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Easy Listing across Marketplaces

Marketplaces have distinct specifications that need to be followed, for listing.

Our Catalog Management System (CMS) enables easy listing of products by automating the process. This is done using a master template where all product information and image formats can be stored, and from where marketplace specific information is extracted, resulting in:

  • Full compliance to marketplace needs
  • Faster time to market
  • Agility and flexibility in meeting varying needs of different marketplaces
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Financial and Accounting Solutions

Your Orders, Inventory, Payments & Returns need to be synced & reconciled across various internal systems in particular Finance & Accounting to ensure visibility & profitability.

Our ready integrations with Financial Systems such as QuickBooks and Tally ensure hassle-free accounting related to all your transactions with marketplaces, leading to:

  • Full compliance to local taxation and accounting regulations
  • Reduced time allocation for accounting issues
  • Opportunity to allocate more time for business growth


Logistics Solutions

Expanding to marketplaces in different countries requires complex logistical support.

We give you the unparalleled access to global logistics solution providers, simplifying the process. Our partnerships with some of the best 3PL solution providers and last mile fulfillment partners worldwide help in:

  • Appropriate partner selection
  • Optimised delivery and logistics costs
  • Dependable inventory management and delivery, to meet customer needs

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Multi-lingual and Multi-currency Support for Cross Border Fulfillment

Global presence must come with agility and adaptability

We help you to achieve this:

  • System supports regional languages of Southeast Asia including Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese so that users not adept in English don’t face issues
  • Selling across the world also means orders coming in different currencies but accounting in the base currency, that gets simplified in our system