Logistic Transportation

Now Let’s take a look at what is transportation and logistics management. Let’s think about the details of personal travel, and the complex logistics behind getting from one location to another location. Boarding on the plane and getting off the plane are not the only parts of personal travel. Furthermore, the primary level of transportation vs. all of the modes involved to get someone or something to the airport, such as a personal car are also key considerations in personal travel. On top of that, you may have stayover, meaning you will have to stay in “People warehousing”. Finally, lets think of all the work that went into getting your tickets, what it takes for the staff to make your flight happen, etc.

There are a  Few industries or business functions that are experiencing as much disruption as logistics, supply chain, and transportation.

In today’s time, the transportation and logistics industry is confronting immense change which can be accounted as changing customer expectations, digital transformation, new market entrants, and new evolving business models. If you want to remain in the competition, now is the time for action.

It doesn’t matter whether your products rely on ground, rail or sea to reach the end-customers, today’s levels of disruption are unmatched. Service providers and the ones  managing their own transport needs must now rethink of shifting everything from warehouse locations to logistics technologies to fleet and carrier strategies.

When logistics come into consideration, logistics executives must think of making make further decisions beyond the mode of transportation to include: Packaging, Containerization, Documentation, Insurance, Storage, Import and Export Regulations, Freight Claims Management, Choosing the correct LTL freight class for your shipment, Working and collaborating with other executives within the supply chain, Managing vendors and partners, Responsible for reducing risk and expenditures.

So what are the factors which drive change within the industry today?

Here are some factors for Shifting economic and industry fundamentals, The rise of the “Amazon” effect, Advances in frontline technologies, Advances in behind-the-scenes technology

Outsourcing logistics to an expert provider, who not only offer software, which consists of the transportation management system, but also integrated services to deal with claims, accounting, and building the custom inbound freight programs will allow logistics executives to have more significant partnership with others in the supply chain and company at large.

Instead of focusing on all of the details and complexity of both transportation and logistics management, it helps the logistics executive to focus on results and strategy for further logistics optimization, as opposed to tactics. When you can focus on results, and have a trusted partner help you, you can save both hard and soft costs at a much more efficient and quicker pace.

How we can help you

At Anvitech, our team of experts offers insights, guidance, and solutions to address the complex needs of this sector. We are specialized in the transportation and logistics industry and its sub-sectors such as Airlines & airports, Logistics & post, Rail & roads, Shipping & ports.

We will also help you in future progress by determining What does the future hold for the transportation & logistics industry? How will business models be disrupted? Who’s driving change? What are the opportunities? What are the key technologies?  Contact us to find more.